Good Gaming Laptops For Enthusiast Gamers in 2014

Choosing a Good Gaming Laptop in 2014

Good Gaming Laptop 2013

Finding a good gaming laptop is not hard task especially when you are not short of cash, because laptops for gamers cost much higher than gaming desktops. There are bunch of companies who specializes in manufacturing laptop for gamers, these includes Alienware by Dell, Toshiba, Asus, IBuyPower etc. and more recently Razer joined the battle. But if you can find high specs laptop with a nice graphic card giving it the ability to serve well as a gaming laptop, then it is a good alternative too. All you need is to find a company selling affordable notebooks with good graphic card and the price falls under your allowed budget then you have found a good match to satisfy your gaming ambitions. Such laptops for gaming will help you achieve better performance in PC games.Companies such as Dell allows you to order a custom gaming laptop from their website where you can identify the hardware according to your custom needs and then build your laptop for gaming. You guys can build your own laptop on your desire, able to play high definition games, videos and many more. We are here to show you performance books of 2014, you can easily compare the difference between their quality and functionality. Most of you might know very well that graphic adapter is the most important part for running high video memory demanding games. These days gaming computers are valuable product, users not just use them for domestic use but for professional tournament competitions, that are held on a national and international levels. Some people use desktop computers and some Laptop, from these two I guess that laptops are getting more popular due to mobility nature and user friendliness. Following is a list of best gaming laptops 2014, carefully compiled after detailed research, so a new gamer can choose a good laptop without knowing much about the technical details.

Behold Asus G74SX The Republic Of Gamers.

17.3 Inch LED Backlit Display For High Definition 1080p playback.

G74SX-AH71 - ASUS Gaming Laptop Republic of GamersG74SX-AH71 – ASUS Gaming Laptop Republic of Gamers
Amazon Price: $1,175.00 – $2,400.00 

Asus is considered as the name of quality in building quality gaming laptops for serious gamers who seek performance machine with portability. You will be stunned to see the integrated hardware of this mini beast (G74sx-dh71), powered by latest Intel’s second generation of 2670QM Core i7 CPU, the notebook runs surprisingly fast even during the processing of heaviest game data. For extreme multitasking needs the lap top is turbo charged with two 6GB (total 12GB) of high speed DDR3 RAM modules. The real secret of this gamer book is in theNvidia GTX 560M graphic processing unit that provides pureGDDR5 video RAM of 3GB! All these extreme features makes it an ideal choice of the gaming champions.

The high performance visual processing engine provides unmatchable visual quality for in depth rendering of 3d object and special effects to deliver realistic game graphics. Hardware interaction is even better due to full support for directX 11. You will also get a fast HDD running at 7200RPM with the large capacity of 1.5TB to make sure you ca store more information in your digital files for games, photos and movies. You get flexibility with bluray support for optical drive, that also processes DVD±RW/CD-RW format. Your video card is providing a good quality graphics but you cannot view them unless you have a high end HD display especially LED with backlit technology. This sleek machine comes with a 17.3 inch of such display that fully support High Definition playback in brilliant clarity to deliver an unparlleled visual experience to users. The picture quality will be superb due to sharper and more vivid images, realistic smooth transitions of videos.

Alienware M18x Laptop For Playing Video Games.

The real Alien technology is now available on the planet earth!

Dell Alienware M18x Gaming NotebookDell Alienware M18x Gaming Notebook For Aliens!
Amazon Price: $1,979.99 – $2500.00 

M18x is a fantastic laptop from Alienware which is not just good for gaming purpose but can also be used a multimedia powerhouse, giving brilliant visual with a 1.5GB discrete video memory and amazing audio with 7.1 surround sounds. The notebook come packed with bundle of softwares specially built for Alienware PCs, these include the AlienFusion power manager, AlienFX lighting controller, AlienTractX programmable macro key controls, AlienTouc touchpad controls. M18x laptop gives amazing speeds with core i7 line of dual core processor that makes your PC into a highly responsive machine, so when you give a command from input device it acts on it without any delay which will help you in achieving better performance during a gameplay session. Due to high tech NVidia Geforce Video card installed you will get sharp graphics with crystal clear visuals due to 1.5 GB of GDDR5 VRAM that serve as a powerful graphics rendering engine.

The whole notebook is customized to make life easier for a gamer, the keyboard the touchpad are programmed to give better interativity with the video game and minimize the hurdles that could result in losing the control of the game. Some critics claims that Alienware products are overpriced in comparison to products from other gaming gear manufacturers. This is true up to some extent but the reality is that Alienware laptops are extremely stylish and build with the heaviest hardware parts to turn into a gaming powerhouse. Another drawback of this Alien notebook is it’s huge size which result in a bulky size, rationally this laptop is bit hard to carry in comparison to conventional laptops.

MSI GT683 Video Gaming Notebook.

MSI G Series laptops are extra powerful for intensive gaming purpose.

G Series GT683DX-840US Gamer Notebook in 15.6 Inch DisplayG Series GT683DX-840US Gamer Notebook in 15.6 Inch Display
Amazon Price: $1,449.99 

This is a G Series laptop from MSI which is available in affordable price range without sacrificing the game efficiency, because it is loaded with the heaviest computer parts to give you a rock solid performance for professional video game tournaments. This game processing machine runs fast due to cutting edge i7-2670QM CPU that runs at a clock rate of 2.2GHz, two memory sticks of 6GB DDR3 (total of 12 GB) will ensure your processor get the realtime data at a faster rate, so you end up a reliable multitasking of your computer programs. The real visual power comes from the NVIDIA Geforce GTX570M GPU which give unmatched graphic data processing for the graphics of your video games.

This graphic engine is based on Fermi architecture which supports both DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0 for ultimate hardware interactivity. The result of this extra ordinary visual settings is that you can run the modern PC full high definition resolution for your games process fluently and give high visual details. GTX 570M gives faster graphic rendering due to high clock speed and amazing shaders for brilliant clarity. The 15.6 inch LED backlit display will make sure you get a high end display and at the same it making the overall laptop considerably lighter in weight in comparison to other gaming grade notebooks in the market. This reality makes it an ideal portable gaming computer that you can take with you at your friends place to play gaming tournaments.

Toshiba Qosmio X500 High Performance Laptop.

Use this notebook to run modern PC games at incredible fast speed.

Toshiba Qosmio X500-S1801 18.4 Inch Gaming NotebookToshiba Qosmio X500-S1801 18.4 Inch Gaming Notebook
Amazon Price: $725.96 – $1800.00 

Toshiba has known reputation of building reliable computers for the consumers, especially in the USA. This X500 series is specially created to meet the needs of serious gamers who seek high accuracy control in their games as well as very fast visual processing engine to give a true to life gaming environment. The screen is very bright and gives a vivid color and sharp images. While on the other hand the graphic processor allows you to play the heavy graphics intensive 3d games at fully HD resolutions. This high tech visuals also result in better video viewing, photo quality etc. The display is extra-ordinary beautiful and the gaming grade hardware allows a flawless performance when you run games and other heavy PC programs.

NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360M offers 1GB of dedicated GDDR5 Video RAM which supports DirectX, OpenCL, PhysX, Compute and CUDA, to provide the shaders and big chunks of data rendering. These platform connectivity allows the calculating the mathematical and physics computations that are needed to keep the game functional. Body wise the laptop case is very slim and shiy that is build with mostly black with little red touch ups to give it a unique appearance. The screen size is huge which makes it very bulky and not a good idea to pack it in your backpack and go to park or library, you will get tired of carrying it with you all the time. My advise is that you should consider this gaming lap top as replacement for their desktop computer only and do not expect more than that in terms of mobility.

Alienware M17x For Some Serious PC Gaming.

Meet the ultimate portable gaming rig for running 3d computer games.

Alienware M17X Laptop With 17.3 ScreenAlienware M17X Laptop With 17.3 Screen
Amazon Price: $1,379.99 – $2,799.99 

The coolest thing about Alienware laptop is the extremely cool exterior which is engineered to give an appearance which look like out of this world and replicate a true Alien class technology. This model of M17x is mini powerhouse which has a processing engine of core i7 clocked at 2.2GHz and 8GB Dimm system memory (Dual 4GB RAM sticks) to give the computer the speed that a gamer computer deserves. Regarding the graphics at maximum settings this machine has a small yet powerful graphics processor (GPU) of AMD Radeon HD 6870M which deliver unprecedented visual effects due to 1GB of descrete video RAM.

You also get HDMI conenctivity option to play your favourite games on a big screen such as HDTVs. The CPU goes in turbo boost mode automatically when there is higher work load for computation, when started it works like nitro boosters to give extra kick to your processor resulting in rapid compilation of large chunks of digital data. On the other hand the technology of hyper threading will enable each core of your CPU to work on multiple tasks simultanously which is essential for delivering speedy multitasking. This 3D laptop delivers marvellous result with up to 120Hz refresh rate on the 17″ screen which is in fully high definition give 1080p capability. When you will run intense graphic games such as Diablo 3, you will be astonished to see the output on your laptop screen and feel a higher sense of realistic game scenes.

Samsung 17″ Good Gaming Laptop

Series 7 Model is the new champion in the war of gaming notebooks.

NP700G7C-S01US Samsung Series 7 17.3-Inch LaptopNP700G7C-S01US Samsung Series 7 17.3-Inch Laptop
Amazon Price: $1,799.00 

This is no ordinary computer machine, due to high tech hardware used it is one of the cost effective gamer laptop available in the market. Just look at the price and the specification and then compare with any other notebook for gaming, you will see a huge difference in price. Samsung is renowned for producing the best screen/ TV technology, so when you purchase a samsung notebook be sure that you will get the state of the art display screen which is ideal for the gaming geeks. This performance machine is powered with i7-3610QM CPU which runs at flawlessclock rate of 2.3GHz that boost up to 3.3Ghz, while the multi-tasking is rocket high due to 16GBs of DDR3 memory. While the graphics processing engine is GTX 675M from NVidia GeForce giving unmatchable rendering and shaders with 2GB of dedicated GDDR5 video RAM, which are enough to surprise gamers like you.

This laptop is perfect to show your gaming knowledge to fellow gamer in a tournament. The ultra-responsive machine will make sure you stay ahead in the competition and surprise other game players in a multiplayer environment. The design is extra ordinarily stunning, which will make you wonder that you get a high tech 2014 machine for video games in a lightweight design. Some unique features includes the custom backlit keyboard, HDMI connection, wireless display etc. This series 7 Samsung laptop is a success because it has won award for best notebook in CES, also featured as best laptop in PC magazine and laptop magazine, which is enough to prove why this laptop is first choice for serious gamers.

Good Gaming Laptop Guide

Gaming PCs are no ordinary machines! So choose them wisely.

gaming notebook guide

One important point to note is that when you research the market there are tons of laptop options available however only few of them are ideal computers which are capable to provide power for flawless gaming.

There are three main factors that can help you distinguish a normal laptop from a gaming one: CPU, GPU and the RAM. In case of notebooks you cannot upgrade your system at a later stage in future except for RAM and HDD, so it is extremely important to buy a machine which does not need up-gradation in future. These are totally different from desktops which allows you to install new hardware easily or swap existing ones.

  • A Handy Notebook Guide
    A good checklist before you start your gaming laptop hunt consists of the following 5 points:
  • Choose only from top of the line CPUs for a fast computation of data
    Minimum quad core processor is recommended, both Intel core i7 or AMD Phenom II/ Athlon II can do a decent job. This small chip is installed on the motherboard and is actually brain of your PC machine, which does all the logical decision making at digital scale. In plain english processor is responsible to run your computer.
  • Installed system memory or RAM play a vital role in speeding up your laptop
    A low RAm will result in slow computer especially when you are running multiple software, games will run slower too. You should spend more money to get more memory in your laptop but bear in mind that it could adversely affect your budget, so here a good balance is needed. For example: 8GB RAM will be super fast while 16GB will be awesome.
  • A laptop is only gaming grade when it has a dedicated graphic or video card
    Some serious gamers look for machines with dual video cards to get the ultimate visual performance. There are two manufacturers who has good reputation of producing state of the art graphic cards for PCs, these includes the ATI and nVidia. nVidia builds high quality cards which are quiet expensive, whereas the ATI which is owned by AMD deliver low price video cards for budget minded people. A minimum of 512MB video memory can get your started with PC games, pay more to get heavy graphic engine. If your pocket allows you can find 3GB card installed in your laptop machine.
  • Get a super size and faster hard drive for storing and accessing files
    Technically you should look for hard disk with 7200rpm speed for a fast read / write operation. Regarding space one tera-byte capacity is good to go with. If you have money you can swap your laptop HDD with a SSD (Solid State Drive) which are currently the fastest mass stoarge devices with ability to deliver 12 times speedy information reading/ writing in comparison to conventional spinning disk hard drives.
  • Display quality, Screen size and overall weight of the laptop machine
    The display quality should be at least full HD to provide crisp and sharp images, smooth video transitions and the game graphics in brilliant clarity. Laptop screen size and the weight directly affect each other: a higher screen size such as 18 inch will result in bulky laptop, whereas a small display screen of 13.3 will give you a lightweight notebook which is easily portable and ideal to carry in your backpack or in a laptop sleeve. 15″-17″ laptops are moderate and good to be used for playing video games.

Performance Notebook With 1GB Graphic Card

Get a decent game processing for fully loaded PC games.

A lot of computers users look for gamer laptop which is able to render complex game graphics with decent visual performance. Having a dedicated graphic card of 1gb in your gamer laptop will make sure you enter in professional gamer’s club and enjoy in-depth detail of the game visuals with state of the art video rendering engines. Asus gaming laptops are popular due to their high performance during video gameplay.

HP dv7-6c90us (17.3-Inch Screen) LaptopHP dv7-6c90us (17.3-Inch Screen) Laptop

This is a great gamer laptop that cost under $1000 which has 17.3 inch screen giving the perfect viewing angle for playing sophisticated games. You will get supreme speed with core i7-2670QM and 8gb of ram. The Radeon HD 7470M rendering engine will provide excellent game visual for extreme gaming needs. This is a very economical Idea pad notebook that provide a decent game visuals with ATI Radeon video processing engine. One great aspect of these laptops is that it offers rock solid notebook case for good protection.

Asus G73JH-BST7 LAPTOP COMPUTER / Intel Core i7 Processor / 17.3 display  6gb memory 640gb hard drive blackAsus G73JH-BST7 LAPTOP COMPUTER / Intel Core i7 Processor / 17.3″ Display / 6GB Memory / 640GB Hard Drive – Black

For many PC users the laptop design is equally important and a perfect balance of good hardware and sleek appearance will make sure it satisfies their expectations. This a very nice looking gaming machine which runs smooth and provide excellent visual performance with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 that provide GDD5 discrete VRAM for ultimate functionality. Having a medium size laptop screen will make sure that your laptop is not that heavy and provides excellent visual for enjoyable virtual environment to make them feel part of the game. Finally any gamer will love to play heavy games with ATI graphics engine, as well as play videos and other multimedia files.

Sony VAIO VPCSA43FX/BI 13.3 Inch Laptop (Jet Black)Sony VAIO VPCSA43FX/BI 13.3 Inch Laptop (Jet Black)

One of the best selling laptop brand is the Sony Vaio which is extremely popular amongst the professionals and businessmen etc. If you need a mini laptop for gaming then this 13.3 inch sony notebook will just do the job without losing performance. The small size and being lightweight makes it excellent portable machine for travellers.

Best Gaming Laptops With 2GB Video Card

For extreme gaming needs a higher dedicated graphic memory is need.

These are some of the best quality machines available in the market that can satisfy any gamer’s expectations. Two giga byte of dedicated graphic card will ensure the highest level of detail for game visuals that will make some people confuse due to realistic life like game scenes. You can also use these laptops for running heavy graphic programs such as 3d studio max, maya or can also use them for game development.

Acer Aspire AS7750G-9810 17.3-Inch Laptop (Black)Acer Aspire AS7750G-9810 17.3-Inch Laptop (Black)

Acer also manufactures very decent looking quality laptops for the consumers that deliver high performance for any game lover. With cutting edge technology used in AMD Radeon HD 7670M, your PC games will run rocket fast because of 2GB of dedicated video memory.

Alienware M17x10 1453DSB 17?Inch Gaming Laptop (Space Black)Alienware M17x10 1453DSB 17?Inch Gaming Laptop (Space Black)

Alienware produces specialized gaming notebooks which are extreme in video game performance as they use only the latest technology in their computers. Professional gamers prefer Dell products as reliable gaming hardware for their multiplayer tournaments.

Dell Precision M6600 Mobile WorkstationDell Precision M6600 Mobile Workstation

If you need serious laptop that deliver unmatched performance which is not less than power of a portable workstation. For gamers this dell machine is ideal as it offers rock solid game performance on a fast speed computer for the perfect precision and accuracy in games. The best looking laptops in the world which are affordable for budget minded people. Professional gamers will love this machine as it offers mind blowing graphics with two gigabyte of dedicated graphic memory.

Great Gaming Laptop With 3GB Graphic Card

The heaviest gaming laptops comes with monster rendering engines.

Computers that provide the ultimate control with extremely fast game speed as well as highly detailed visuals are ideal for serious gamers. These laptops are not overpriced because the installed hardware that you receive will speak for itself and let you know that you got the correct value product for your money. Infact these highlighted models are extremely affordable as similar heavy machines cost upto $3000.

Dell XPS 17 3D Laptop, 3D Glasses, Intel i7-2670QM 2.20 GHz, 8GB Ram, 17.3in FHD 3D, GT555M 3GB Video, 1TB HDD, Blu-ray Player, Windows 7 Home PremiumDell XPS 17 3D Laptop, 3D Glasses, Intel i7-2670QM 2.20 GHz, 8GB Ram, 17.3in FHD 3D, GT555M 3GB Video, 1TB HDD, Blu-ray Player, Windows 7 Home Premium

The real gaming monster that gives power to runs games in brilliant clarity and smooth video transitions as well as providing the 3d capability. All these features makes it a mammoth machine for games. Why wait? get this dell laptop with 3d functionality and enjoy your games in crystal clear visuals.

ASUS G74SX-DH73-3D  17.3-Inch 3D Gaming Laptop - Replublic of Gamers (Black)ASUS G74SX-DH73-3D 17.3-Inch 3D Gaming Laptop – Replublic of Gamers (Black)

When it comes to republic of gamers category, there are no better laptops in the market that can compete with these Asus notebooks. You will not just get ultra fast PC but a reliable video gaming performance with incredible detailed visuals. Perfection is guaranteed in terms of design, performance and durability.

Which is Best Gaming Laptop 2014?

Let other readers know your opinion on the top gaming computers.

The best way to find a good laptop is to read the customer feedback and the product rating on the shopping websites. If you visit any product reviewed on this page will lead to Amazon page with the customer rating on the product, some product get a 5 star rating while other get lower score, secondly you can read the negative, positive reviews that includes recommendation for others to buy or not to buy the laptop under discussion. Such reviews are extremely important because this way you can listen directly to the consumers who has experience of the product and help you choose a cheap good laptops for gaming purpose.