Best Laptops For College Students PC & MAC

What Are The Best Laptops For College Students?


Best Laptops For College Students

Laptop is an important gadget for everyone, whether you are a student or a businessmen, employer or employee, school going student or a college going student, young or old, everyone needs to get a taste of it and run their daily computing tasks using mini size computer. Laptops computers are also called notebook pc computer, the fundamental difference between a desktop computer and a laptop/ notebook computer is the size and portability. As we know desktop computers are bulky and has separate screen (monitor or LCD screen) as well as other external peripheral for data input such as mouse and keyboard. All these components makes the desktop computer difficult to move from one place to another. On the other hand laptop computers are super light in weight and all required input and output components are packed into a single box that includes all your computer hardware processor, motherboard, ram, hard drive, cables, output screen, keyboard and touch-pad (for mouse). These components are shrinked into smaller size to make them lighter in weight and result in easily portable computer machine. Your mobile laptop computer can be placed in your backpack or shoulder bag along with your school books. It’s that simple to carry with you.

Well when we talk about college going students then laptop is a must these days as it will help them in their study, such as surfing internet for notes and reading about topics, working with office software such as Microsoft word, excel and powerful to help them in creating their assignments, watch video lectures on YouTube etc.. Lastly have lots of fun by connecting with friends and family by social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter as well as real time communication software such as voice and video chat with Skype or Yahoo messenger. Having entertainment by watching movies, listening to songs as well as storing photographs. In short laptop is a small box with lots of features to offer to students, allowing them to have tools for study, communication as well as entertainment. We have compiled this collection of the best laptops for college students, this information will help students to find a good notebook for their college/school work.

Which Laptops To Buy For College Students?

Best Notebook Computer Reviews For Fun and Work

Finding the best laptops for college students?Choosing a computer system that is perfect for your needs is important, going for a wrong selection can result in stress and disappointment, so it is advisable to read laptop specifications and reviews on Internet thoroughly and compare between different computer models, at the same time keeping in mind your budget and the features you need. Students going to college usually require medium specification that can do multi-tasking while running heavy software in the background.

Today I will show the collection of good college laptops for students for both PC and Macbook categories.

Dell Core i3 Laptop With 4GB System Memory.

Dell Inspiron 14R i14RN4110-8073DBK 14-Inch Laptop (Diamond Black)

Dell Inspiron 14R i14RN4110-8073DBK 14-Inch Laptop (Diamond Black)Dell Inspiron 14R i14RN4110-8073DBK 14-Inch Laptop (Diamond Black)
Amazon Price: $479.99

Another best rated laptop brand is Dell, which is famous for its extreme hardware performance that is durable and reliable. People trust Dell computer for their business because their hardware is rock solid. This model of Dell is ideal for school going student who is looking a great laptop computer at low cost. This laptop is popular because it offers laptop top cover switching , so you can install any cover of your favorite design within seconds. Also keep on switching to different cover whenever you wish.

This model from Dell is Inspiron 14R which comes with 14inch screen making it smaller size and result in less weight. You will be angry to carry a bulky laptop in your college bag right? so always for a laptop which is less in weight but heavy in performance. Features of this laptop includes a core i3 processor of 2.1 GHz processing speed, a 4GB DDR3 installed RAM which will keep your computer always fast no matter how many programs you want to run together. Run heavy video games as it comes with a Intel HD 3000 graphics accelerator. Are you looking for a worry free computer that let you store all your computer files, photos, videos, movies, games etc without you thinking of space issues? then get this laptop as it comes with a 640GB SATA hard disk drive.

HP Ultra Portable PC Notebook For College.

HP Pavilion dm4-2070us Intel Core i5-2410M 14.0-Inch Notebook PC (Steel Gray Aluminum)

HP Pavilion dm4-2070us Intel Core i5-2410M 14.0-Inch Notebook PC (Steel Gray Aluminium)HP Pavilion dm4-2070us Intel Core i5-2410M 14.0-Inch Notebook PC (Steel Gray Aluminium)
Amazon Price: $674.95 

This HP Pavillion machine With a extremely durable body made with aluminium in steel gray you will have a rock solid computer. Comes pack with a latest technology from HP that adjust thermal settings. You will have freedom to connect your computer with a High Definition TV wirelessly, so you can watch your videos and do your work right in front of your large size Television, this way consumers will have more power and enjoyment from a single gadget.

You will be surprised to know that specification of this laptop. HP Pavillion comes packed with a 2.3GHz core i5 processor which can run at turbo boost when needed. A super heavy duty computer with a 6GB DDR3 RAM, you will forget to ever add any new hardware in your laptop. With a 640GB hard drive space you will have plenty of storage capacity to store all you precious data as well as rubbish or junk data without need to think of managing space. The screen size of 14 inch will make it lighter in weigh so it will be easier for you to carry in your backpack and will not add much weight to your college stuff, on the other hand play 3d and High definition video at detailed clarity and sharp graphics and enjoy both work an entertainment. Have a reliable computer with the latest Windows 7 to have a lighter operating system that keeps your computer fast. Lastly, this laptop gives you great battery life with a 6.75 hours long discharge time.

High Specs Budget Laptop For Students.

Acer Aspire TimelineX 11.6-Inch Laptop Review (Black)

Acer Aspire TimelineX AS1830T-6651 11.6-Inch Laptop (Black)Acer Aspire TimelineX AS1830T-6651 11.6-Inch Laptop (Black)
Amazon Price: $527.99 

You want a lighter laptop computer that does not add much weight to your school bag? then you should consider a smaller screen laptop such as this powerhouse laptop from Acer, which offers a 11.6 inch small screen but still provide High Definition in LED backlit display. Acer Aspire AS 1830T is extremely light and weigh only 3 pounds, which will make you forget that you are carrying a laptop in your backpack or shoulder bag.

This laptop has some amazing features, the best of all is its powerhouse processor of core i-5 that provide dual core processing at 1.33GHz speed, which gives 1.86GHz when turbo boost is enabled. Secondly you will have a super fast computer during processing multiple complex program with a 4GB DDR3 fast memory. Comes pack with a built-in dedicated system memory of 128MB. for HD graphics to give stunning graphics with extreme clarity. A built in webcam of 1.3mp as well as microphone to have video conversation without connecting any wires. WiFi and fast Bluetooth to provide mobility that you are seeking in this tiny device. You will be stunned to know that the battery life last upto 8 hours. I think these features are enough to let you decide if you want to buy this small powerhouse computer or not. Just in case you did not notice, it comes with a 500GB hard drive!

Lenovo Core i5 LED Notebook For College Work.

ThinkPad Edge E520 11433FU 15.6″ LED Notebook – Core i5 i5-2410M 2.3GHz – Matte Black

ThinkPad Edge E520 11433FU 15.6 led notebook core i5 matteThinkPad Edge E520 11433FU 15.6″ LED Notebook – Core i5 i5-2410M 2.3GHz – Matte Black
Amazon Price: $599.99 

Lenovo is the brand name which has root with IBM the company that built the first computer, so Lenovo is a company that has most experience of computer manufacturing and are pioneer in computer technology. They are famous for their think-pad laptop computer due to durability and reliable and fast processing speeds. Read more details about this discounted product by clicking on the laptop image.

This great laptop offers a fast processing with Inte core i5 processor with a 2.3GHz processing speed, which can reach up to 2.9GHz when Turbo Boost is enabled. You will never have to worry of slow computer because it will automatically enable turbo boost when needed without your interaction. On the other hand 4GB DDR3 memory will make your computer run multiple programs at incredible fast speed. You will be able to save all your files of school work and family photos and videos as well as heavy games and movies on a large and fast 500GB SATA hard drive. This product is popular amongst professionals and businessmen who trust this reliable computer to run their business programs.

Most Popular and Top Rated PC Notebooks

Toshiba Satellite L755-S5271 15.6-Inch LED Laptop (Grey)

Toshiba Satellite L755-S5271 15.6-Inch LED Laptop (Grey)Toshiba Satellite L755-S5271 15.6-Inch LED Laptop (Grey)
Amazon Price: $499.99 

One of the most popular laptop brand for college students is Toshiba. Toshiba is popular because they offer quality hardware packed into a single box, which is durable and cost effective. If you just check the market and compare laptop prices of Toshiba with other popular brands, you will notice they give the best price cut in laptop computers This laptop computer is available at Amazon store at surprisingly discounted price. Getting a laptop of $499.99 that can run all kind of complex programs and games at incredible fast speed.

This model is amazingly beautiful and gives stunning and vivid graphics with its powerful 15.6 inch LED screen, which supports 3d and high definition 720p resolution. You will love the body texture and the material is rock solid as well as long lasting, at the same time light weight. You will get latest processor core i3 which runs at 2.1GHz speed and 3MB L3 cache. Your computer will be extremely fast because it comes with a 3GB of DDR3 ram which runs at bus speed of 1333MHz, you can easily expand the memory to 8GB in future. Lastly it has a long lasting battery with a battery life of 5.75 hours, which will give you freedom to run your computer in school without worry of recharging and looking for power outlet in your class or library.

ASUS Dual Core Laptop With 3GB DDR3 RAM.

ASUS 15.6-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop (Mocha)

ASUS 15.6-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop (Mocha)ASUS 15.6-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop (Mocha)
Amazon Price: $379.99 

If you are low of budget but still want a laptop that can let you study and provide entertainment and fast internet connectivity, then this ASUS laptop is definitely for you. You will be delighted to find that it has a graphic card to play video games too. This is ultimate product for college students who wants to run all kind of programs but seeking low price laptop.

This unique laptop comes with AMD Dual core processor, heavy duty enough to keep your computer run fast and process multiple programs without any delay. With latest 3GB ddr3 ram you will be able to perform multi-tasking, running internet programs, office software, entertainment software all together without getting your computer to freeze. You will have much space to store all your computer files in 320GB hard disk drive. A built in webcam and microphone to let you have internet video chat right from your computer screen and no additional equipment to install. You will love to use windows 7 which stays light on your computer and at the same time fast.

Top Macbook Computers For College Use.

Rock Solid Computer Hardware With Unbeatable Performance.

If you are looking for extremely reliable laptop computer that will not cause your trouble and will result a good performance for your computing needs then Apple computers are best. Apple manufactures the top laptops in the world, they are bit extensive in comparison to PC laptops but they are durable and trouble free. The real benefit of Apple good laptops is your machine will always stay free from viruses and slow computer problems.

Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, Slot Loading SuperDrive)

Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4-Inch LaptopApple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop
Amazon Price: $945.00

This version of Macbook pro is redesigned with a new innovative design to give a classic and clean look. For new body design Apple has used uni-body enclosure made with aluminium, which has resulted in a thinner and lighter laptop, at the same time more stronger and durable. New changes includes a high quality LED screen of 15.4inch as well as glass track-pad without any buttons and uses multi-touch input technology. Which makes it better than older version of Mac-book machines.

This model comes packed with a Intel Core 2 Duo processor of 2.4GHz and 3MB L2 cache on 1066MHz bus speed, which will result in super fast computer processing. Also you can run multiple programs on your computer without your compute going slow because MacBook Pro comes with 2GB DDR3 RAM which is expandable up to 4GB. With two processors for graphics, MacBook Pro provides NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics for normal programs and a NVIDIA 9600M GT discrete graphics for heavy graphics demanding programs such as 3d video games, video and graphic editing programs etc. Now with a 250GB of hard disk space you can store your files easily.

Apple MacBook Pro MC700LL/A 13.3-Inch Best College Laptop

Apple MacBook Pro MC700LL/A 13.3-Inch LaptopApple MacBook Pro MC700LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop
Amazon Price: $975.99 

Macbook Pro 13-inch is best for heavy graphic needs, comes with a powerful processor of dual core Core i5 Processor with speed of 2.3GHz. Extremely powerful with 4GB of DDR3 RAM that will gives enough speed to run your heavy programs in multi-task environment. With a 320GB of hard disk space you will never have to worry of running out of memory for storage of your files, photos as well as movies and games. With a small 13.3inch LED backlit display you will end up getting a small size notebook computer which is easily portable and manage.

It comes with a Intel HD Graphics Shared memory of 384MBG of DDR3 which will run your graphics with extreme clarity and close to life graphics. Lastly Macbook Pro laptop runs on powerful operating system of Mac OS X v 10.6 Snow Leopard which is stable and reliable to run your daily computer programs for school work, communication and entertainment. You will never be disappointed to buy this machine as it is one of the best laptop for college students.

Apple MacBook MB881LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop

Apple MacBook MB881LL/A 13.3-Inch LaptopApple MacBook MB881LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop
Amazon Price: $524.99 

Apple is simply name of quality, Apple company manufactures world best performance electronic products. They are mostly famous for their entertainment gadgets specifically iPod music systems. However their computers and mobile iPhone stay in great demand. Recently they have launched iPad which is a new electronic gadget which can perform task as like a computer but much slimmer than a normal laptop computer. Apple laptop computers are called macbook computers, they stay in great demand worldwide due to reliable hardware and software they offer to the customers.

This model of Macbook is extremely portable due to smaller size of just 13.3 inches. Packed with a powerful processor of Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, a 2 GB of DDR2 Memory modules. This sleek book comes with a super-drive that can store 120 GB of files. Lastly the laptop runs on super powerful Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Operating system which will never cause you any trouble. However if you wish to run windows, you can still install it as this computer processor supports both Mac and PC architecture and can run Mac operating system as well as Microsoft windows software. The best feature of this laptop is its weight which is super light and you will never get tired of carrying it in your school bag.

Apple MacBook Pro MB133LL/A 15.4-inch Laptop (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD SuperDrive)

Apple MacBook Pro MB133LL/A 15.4-inch Laptop (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD SuperDrive)Apple MacBook Pro MB133LL/A 15.4-inch Laptop (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD SuperDrive)
Amazon Price: $600.00 

One of the best option is to go for a laptop computer by Apple due to it\’s powerful hardware and software to run your computer programs without any problem. This model of MacBook contains a 15.4 inch TFT LED screen, which is most popular these days and considered as standard size for laptop computers. This laptop will give extreme graphics with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphic card gives 256 MB of graphic memory, which will result in ultra sharp video quality.

This Macbook is powered by a 2.4GHz Intel processor of Core 2 Duo with 3MB L2 cache. With 2 GB of DDR2 memory of 667 MHz bus speed, your computer will be faster and give great performance during multitasking. This version comes with a pre-installed Mac OS X v 10.5 Leopard which is a reliable operating system for mac users. You will have plenty of storage space with 200 GB of internet SATA hard drive. Need to burn a DVD or CD or read them you can do it easily with 8X Super Drive. Additionally it comes with one Fire-wire and two USB ports to give easily connectivity to external devices.

Are Laptops Or Desktops Better For College Students?

Desktop Vs Notebook Discussion.

Laptops provide convenience for users to carry the computer with them, this portability features makes it extremely reliable small computer to let them work with more flexibility. However there are large number of students that prefer desktop over laptops due to several factors contributing to their decision to stay away from laptops, one of the biggest drawback of laptops is that they cost higher than desktop machines and secondly you have to take more care from accidental damage and from others stealing in your absence.

Hey fellow readers, share your knowledge and experience of laptops vs desktop and help others to decide if they should purchase a laptop for college use or not? Also mention which notebook you like the most from our compiled list of best performance college laptop machines.

  • cwilson360 All parents should consider a low-cost laptop. Most college kids, unless they do design, will just need word and email. the rest is for browsing. If your kid wants to play video games, have them chip in for a more powerful laptop, my 2 cents!
  • Craig50 I found the apple macbook pro is great for college as well as the lenovo g580.
  • Warr1611 Laptops, all the way! Smaller is better (though I don’t like too small), so I’d go around 11′ to 14′. You’d be really surprised how much you notice the extra weight if you carry it around all day, and those few less inches really help in that area.